Muay Thai, MMA & Fitness at Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp

We have affiliated training camp in San Sai, a large suburb of Chiang Mai surrounded by gorgeous scenery and famous for the Longan orchard.  

Enjoy your training with peace by going for runs through beautiful sceneries nearby areas of the forests, fields, and mountains. 

Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai provides courses from beginner through advanced level. We also provide a gym, indoor weight training, indoor yoga and the use of a luxury swimming pool.  

We also provide a multipurpose hall, and our Tiger Grill Restaurant with plenty of seating among a magnificent atmosphere for you to reboost your energy. Moreover, there are comfortable rooms available for you to stay in during your vacation.

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Muay Thai Training Program


 Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is an ancient Thai martial art. It is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees and shins.


Yoga is the practice of the body and mind. With postures designed to develop strength and increase body flexibility. Combined with breathing, concentration and relaxation, which is a practice for balanced physical and mental health.


Chiang Mai is for the adventure lover. People can enjoy many exciting activities surrounded by beautiful nature of hills and mountains. To fulfil everyone’s desire our running trail is one of the best choices and you will view stunning nature and fresh air.

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